Friday, 5 April 2013

The finished product

The glittery dandruff was worth it!! It's all going to look brilliant!! So happy!! Today was great!!!! Anybody else been up to anything arty??


When it comes to fashion things are very rarely black and white... Unless you are talking about monochrome!!!

Maiken top
I love this jumper from Monki!! It's an absolute steal too for only £18!! You seriously can't tell me that you don't love this or I might kill you... Just a little warning!!

This lovely little Topshop number is practical but pretty as well as being so wearable!! But it isn't cheap at £52!! Oh well!! If you have it splash it!!   

There's these white heels from asos too!! They're really wearable actually but expensive too at £58..... Again, if you got it, splash it!!!
On a PromiseI hope at least one of you that is reading my blog can afford some of this stuff!! I certainly can't!!! These sunnies are sooo cool aren't they?? I really love them.... Stop reading now... You don't want to see the price... Close your eyes.... £150
How about you try this leather skirt from Next too?? £28!! Wear it with anything!

Kimono sleeve shirtLast but not least, this kimono sleeved shirt from cos, the home of high street minimalism!! Love it!!!! £55

My glittery afternoon with Eleanor

So, a spur of the moment decision! Eleanor comes over and after a nice walk in the British countryside sunshine( sarcasm, there is never sunshine in the British countryside, ever) we decided to get out the glitter glue!!! These are our decorations we made for my birthday party and considering it's a horror party it all looks very colourful!! There's nothing wrong with a bit of mess though, right?? As long as we don't tidy it up.... And the clothes?? I'm wearing a jumper from Desigual and Dorothy Perkins jeans which I have worn on previous posts!! Eleanor is wearing a top from Topshop and Topshop jeans too!! 

Other Blogs

I'd really like to link up with lots of other bloggers so, if you have a blog and would like a few views post the address as a comment on this post!! Also, if you comment "I'm following you" and you actually are I will follow you back!!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My favourite bag... EVER!!!

This is my asolute favourite bag!! I love the colour, the size, the style (you can't see the lovely long bright pink strap) and the fact that I am just so generally attached to it!! I got it as a present from a really really close friend who has brilliant taste and knows my taste so well! Nearly a year on I still love it just as much and still look for any excuse to take it with me!!
p.s also, I am wearing my poverty socks... the whole story is on my post about socks which I did a while back! Have a looky!

MainI have a love for anything unusual and out there and I reckon I have found a site that does just that! All of these quirky finds are from TruffleShuffle the t-shirt is £24.99, the mug is £7.99(still love Angry Birds) and the necklace is £12.99 isn't it soooo pretty?? I'd really recommend you have a look at this site!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easy ways to do METALLICS

Mercury Rising DressImage 1 of ASOS Glitter Round SunglassesTo start with, I LOVE THESE!!! They're from asos and they're only £12! They are a wonderful retro shape and glitter!? OMG I love glitter!!!

There is also this very pretty metallic silvery futuristic style dress!! It's very pretty and easy enough to make your own by accessorizing in different ways!!

Daniel MetallicI also love this leather clutch from Mimi Berry!! It's not cheap at £72 but it's verrrry pretty and I really really reaally like it!!!!!!!!!!!

Autograph Leather Metallic Effect Pencil Skirt

I don't normally get any clothes from Marks and Spencers but this skirt hits the mark very well but is a little pricy at £149!!

london, gold by Kurt Geiger LondonI just immediatly think LMFAO! I like LMFAO!! And when Kurt Geiger does LMFAO my head explodes- a little anyway!! And when Kurt Geiger does LMFAO and puts the price down from £110 to £55 it all gets too exciting and I have to have a lie down.