Friday, 15 March 2013

Celebrity Style

pippamiddletonImage 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Button Swing Coat

ASOS Faux Fur Cossack Hat
Pippa Middleton looked lovely at Cheltenham yesterday, but where can you get stuff like that from?? For a yellow  coat and the lovely hat go to asos!! This coat is £52!! The hat is £16!!! Boots are £79 from Kurt Geiger!! So that's Pippa Middleton's designer look for just £147!!! Think how much this outfit must have cost!!!
sonia, black shoe by kg kurt geiger - women shoes boots

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hit the beach!!!

Photo 1 of Cream Fringe Playsuit Cover Up
Girls Vintage Beaded Flip Flops
Accessorize is great if you are looking for swimwear stuff!! The navy bikini top is £17 and the bottoms are £14!! Also, have a look at this pineapple print bikini also from accessorize!! And its on sale!!! £4.80 top and £4.20 bottoms!! An absolute steal!!! There's also this monotone cover-up play suit for £30!!! And finally, I couldn't miss out Hollister for their gorgeous flip flops!!! These are £34!!


TOUCH - Degradé cat-eye sunglassesRetro style from Accessorize!!! Love them!! Or how about a nice little octagon shape for £16 at Urban Outfitters??  Or there are some nice cat-eye style sunglasses in Mango!!! I believe that the key to good glasses is not to watch the trends but to choose them depending on your face shape!! You have to ask yourself, what shape your face is and what shape you want it to be!!!! If sunglasses don't give you that then they may be lovely but they are not the correct shape for you!!


Girls Oceanside Denim ShirtMid Wash Vintage Slim JeansBright Blue Pattern T-ShirtBoth t-shirts are £18 from Topman and the blazer is quite pricey at £100 but I think that it is a good investment to wear with any outfit!! Get smart boys!! The blazer would even go with these jeans which are £36 also from Topman!!!! Get yourself a denim shirt too!! Like this one from Hollister!!! How about getting yourself a pair of Vans too??  These are £47! I hope you like these pieces!! Any comments(from boys)!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Other black dresses!!

Just had a look on Urban Outfitters website!! The velvet one is £45, the sparkly one is a little bit pricey at £100 and the print one is £55!! Which is you favourite??


I want to know what you, my readers want me to write about!! You have the power so tell me; what your favourite and/or least favourite features have been!! Your favourite shops and any big high street names that I haven't given a mention to and I should!!!!! If you like something click all of the link type button things, follow the blog and google plus everything!! Whatever you request I promise to look into! GO GO GO!!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"My favorite piece has to be my Jack Wills Boyfriend Shirt!!! Absolutely love it because it goes with anything!! I've worn it with shorts and skirts, trousers and trackies!! It works as smart and casual and is extremely comfy!! I sometimes wear it loose or with a belt! It works with both!! Love it!!"