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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I am now a member of the EtailPR Blogger Network!!!!!!!

Today I received an email from one of the worlds biggest blogger PR firms to say that I have been accepted into Etail PR!
To some of you I guess this must sound like total nonsense...So I'll explain!!
PR companies like Etail PR are probably the best way to connect bloggers like mine with companies which use the bloggers to advertise products by sending us samples! It's super easy and I am so excited to be a part of it!!
All you do when you get the sample is write a post about it!! So simple!!!!
As a new blogger myself I completely understand how scary these are! If you have any questions or queries then just leave a comment!! 

If you want to have a look at their site click HERE!


Last but not least something to entertain people who haven't bothered to read this post!! (I know that will be many people)!

Friday, 5 July 2013

What I wore...

Sunglasses- L'Wren Scott
Top- Zara
Jeans- Topshop
Sandals- Next
I am so happy that it is finally sunny enough for me to wear my new shades!! They are so summery and I took ages to choose them!!  This was also the first time I wore this Zara top which has sheer panelling down the sides which I don't think you can really see!!
You may also have noticed that my hair is now REALLY SHORT!!! I love it though.. It looks so much smarter than my old hair!! Can't wait to play around with my new look!!
Since my last OOTD I have also got braces so that is why I am smiling like I am being held at gunpoint, which I'm not!!

One final thing.. Yesterday I just added the reaction button to my blog so I would really appreciate it if you hit the button just below!
P.S Keep adding to you bucket lists too cupcakes!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Oh oh oh she needs a wild heart...

Hair band-Crown and Glory
Top and bag- Lipsy
Socks- Topshop
Shorts- Glamorous
The day before yesterday(Saturday) I went to North East Live and I loved it!! I'm pictured with Elz who is the girl behind closetdiamonds (I'm the blond by the way)!!! I know it's cheesy to have lyrics  as a post title but oh well!! The Vamps were there!!! A quick review of what I thought of anyone if you were wondering!!! Just my opinions though!! I'm no expert!!
James Arthur- I thought his voice was good but I am not personally a fan and thought his set was a little slow! I did enjoy listening to him though!
Amelia Lily- Didn't think I really liked Amelia's music but her set was great!! She had loads of energy and she was wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots which I am absolutely obsessed with!!!
Little Mix- I thought the girls were absolutely great!! They all looked great together and were brilliant to dance to!!
Rita Ora- Rita was one of my favourite artists of the day probably because she was just so... So.. I don't know!! She's changed her look quite a lot recently and she looked absolutely amazing!! Her set was just great!!
Union J- Really enjoyed Union J too!! To be honest I only knew Carry You but that didn't matter because they were just so lively I didn't even notice!!!
Stooshe- Was really looking forward to Stooshe but I think they were actually a bit of a let down!! I love their music and they sung well but their set was just a bit long really and they didn't sing Waterfalls which was a shame!
The Vamps- I was one of the only one of my friends who didn't go to NEL as a massive Vamps fan but now I am definitely a convert! They were great!!
Conor Maynard- I am not a Conor Maynard fan and the fact he has been dubbed the british Bieber isn't good but actually he was very good to watch!!
Lawson- I have seen Lawson once before as support for the Wanted a couple of years ago but I feel that since then they have really grown as a band and have really created their own sound and their own image!! They were brilliant!!
The Wanted- One of the best acts of the day as per usual the Wanted were so much fun to watch and brilliant to dance to!! Even Walks Like Rihanna which I don't like was really really good!!
JLS- Not a JLS fan at all but it's probably going to be their last northern gig and although there was a bit of that ohh we're breaking  up stuff when they actually sang they were really good!!

Sorry for the wordy post but thought they needed to be reviewed as individuals!! You can see how it was a long show!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Oriental Brilliance...


Kimonos from: Topshop £55, Miss Selfridge £55, River Island £40, Zara £49.99

I don't seem to have been doing these type of posts much recently!! Oh well!!
I may be tempted to say that kimonos are my favourite trend of this season!! They are colourful, quirky and a brilliant way to express your personality!! I love all four above!! My favourite might be the  white Zara one.. But I don't know really!!!
There's no rules about what to style them either!! All brilliant brilliant pieces!!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

framecake has had a makeover

Very wordy post alert...

Why did I change what was already there?? I really don't know! I guess this blog is just evolving with me and my style!! I think that is the thing about new young bloggers like myself, I don't quite know exactly what my style is! I am constantly changing my dress sense and I think that works well for me!! I am constantly trying to keep this interesting for viewers who keep checking framecake and for new viewers!!

Whilst my blog is still getting a makeover I am going through all my old posts and smiling( OK, not that old, only being doing this since the beginning of March)... Have a look through too if you're interested! Click any random post on the side to see what happens...

The question is though... What would you like to happen next?? Anyone who views this can comment!! Recently allowed anonymous commenting!! Maybe you could be the first??

The giveaway is still going on too! CLICK HERE

Sorry.. Felt the need to say all of that!!!
The Framecake

Friday, 31 May 2013

Why do people do the funny star feet thing??

People do love these photos mind don't they?? There's something brilliant about them!! For me, I like them because you can see everyone's different styles and personalities in one photo!
This was taken on Monday when I had a few over for camping!! My leg is the bare one with the muddy Vans and bright blue socks!!! This early on I would probably not have guessed that I would only manage to squeeze in 1/2 an hour's proper sleep that night!! It was amazing though!!!
Earlier on this week I also achieved what, to me was a major milestone;5000 views!!I know some of you who read this probably get more than that it a day but to me it was really quite a big thing and I'm so happy!!!
Another thing... Keep nominating me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in the category of Best New Fashion Blog and keep entering my giveaway!!!! 
Last but not least, the gorgeous artwork!! Not surprisingly I had nothing to do with drawing it!! Beautiful though isn't it? One of my very talented friends drew it and I am very in debt for such a favor!! Big thank you!!! 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Jesus Sandals!!!

These are my new shoes which I am wearing for school!! I don't like calling them school shoes because I think that once I do that then I won't want to wear them for anything else which I think is a shame really... SO, I'm calling them my Jesus Sandals!! I just think they are just so cute and quirky and FUN-tastic! Here are some other Jesus Sandals that I love!!
vex, black by KG Kurt Geiger

I'm not sure how Jesus sandal-y these look but I think they are a nice different twist on all the others I was looking at though!! Not cheap at £150 though! Kurt Geiger, so am I really surprised?? No but they're nice!!

I also love this more summery option from Office!! I think they are lovely and wearable and would look great with a matching tan on holiday... Ahhh holiday!! Anyway, they're way cheaper at £50!!!

And finally, last but certainly not least, these little gems from New Look for £34.99!! They are just a great modern twist on the classic (I hate this term) "geek-chic" look!! (Now I am cringing at myself)! Which are your favourites??

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

£100 Ted Baker

This whole designers on a budget thing seems to have become rather popular with my friends!! I had a request for something for £100 from Ted Baker... No, more specific than that, a summery dress from Ted Baker!! There was a few (but not loads) out there and I went for this kimono style floral number as my choice which has been reduced from £129 to just £90 in House of Fraser!! A great buy me thinks!! I hope these are giving you all inspiration!! Leave a comment if you want to own something designer on a budget my Cupcakes!!!!!!

Monday, 29 April 2013

£100 Alexander McQueen

Dunno about the rest of you bargain hunters but I found that finding anything McQueen at this price was difficult... But I did it! And I think I did rather well! At exactly £100 this real McQueen t-shirt is stylish and wearable day and night as well as being edgy at the same time!!! Took a lot of searching but think I did rather well!!! It's from and I think it is brilliant!!! Anybody else want a designer piece on a budget? Comment below!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jack Wills £50

Hello there Cupcakes!! Some of you who have read my blog for a while might have seen my post on designers?? I said that if you gave me a budget within reason I would try my hardest to find the best item/items from that designer within your budget!! 
I've just had a request for something from Jack Wills for £50 and although I wouldn't class Jack Wills strictly as a designer there was absolutely loads for me to choose from!!!!
So with lots of website checking I decided that the best way to spend £50 in Jack Wills was to buy some jeans!! They all appear to be £49.50 or £59.50 so the right kind of price range!!! I love the bright colours and the fit looks really nice!! Any of these below would be a good buy in my eyes!! 
But which is your favourite??
And would anybody like to own their own piece of designer clothing?? Just leave the name of your favourite designer and a reasonable budget below!! I love a challenge!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Fashion Dilemma

 "So I'm going to a christening and a fancy birthday party! I want an outfit (preferably a dress or a skirt and top combination) which I can wear on both occasions. Don't really want to spent more than £100 but if it's wearable and what I've already got I will spend more!"
OK!! So I asked a bunch of friends if they had any fashion dilemmas I could help solve and this was the first reply!!!!
SO!! Two trend immediately sprung to mind for these two family friendly but obviously still fashion friendly events!! I would go for monochrome minimal or bright florals!!!!
Monochrome minimal first,

Dress with pintucks

Alright, so this outfit is £89 in total!!! The dress is from Cos for £59!! I think it is great because you have loads of options with it and it is very structured and wearable whilst being still very pretty!! The jacket is from River Island and is £30!! I just think it's the kind of item you cannot possibly go wrong with and would add a lot to the dress!! The oversized style is also very flattering and is lovely to just wear all the time!!!!!!!!! When it comes to shoes, a court shoe would look good, in a block colour!! You can either stick to the monochrome and go for black or white shoes or wear super colourful bright shoes!!!

Image 1 of Only Floral Print Chambray Shirt

Yellow Floral Pleat Calf Skirt

This next look is more pretty pretty and is very girly!! In total The outfit is £105 but it includes shoes a skirt and a shirt so I think it's pretty good value!! The blue top is from asos and is £25!! Blue florals are seriously having a moment and I think this is a great example which goes extremely well with these lovely pink studded brogues from Kurt Geiger which are actually on sale for £39!! They are a lovely candy colour and the studs give them a rock edge!! And finally, last but not least,the beautiful lemon skirt from Topshop which is just marvelous!!! I mean yes, £48 but it's so pretty right!!!

Oh and anybody have a fashion dilemma or want a follower on gfc?? Leave a comment!!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Killer heels- like mash potato and gravy

I apologize for all the strange foodie references but I think that some of them are quite correct!! So how are killer heels like mash and gravy?? It's simple really!! I love the idea of having at least one pair of shoes in my wardrobe that should be classed as killer!!!!!!!!!!
poisonberry, pink by Kurt Geiger LondonFrom: Kurt Geiger
Price: (reduced to) £99
Killer because: They are a loovely bright eye catching colour and are a decent height too without looking tarty!! 4.5 inches if you were wondering( also known as 11cms!) 

From: Office
Killer because: They are for one huuuge!! They are really practical at the same time though and great for dancing in and stuff because they have a wedge! The black is also wearable with lots of different colours!!! 5.5 inches for you stats fans!!! 14cms!!!

From: Miss Selfridge
Price: £65
Killer because: Do I even have to say? I mean look at them!! Completely stunning!!! Possibly my favourite?? I dunno!! same hieght as the ones above!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where's your killer heel from?? Are you lucky enough to own a pair of Louboutins?? Jealous if you are!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Alesha Dixon at the Britains got talent launch

I think Alesha Dixon's outfit for the launch of Britain's got talent was bang on!! It was pretty it was seasonal and the shoes went well with the floral shirt dress!! But how can you get something like that on the high street?? I had a look on H+M but to no avail! Then I had a look at Topshop and found a dress that in many ways didn't look the same, but had a similar feel and style!! It's £65! And the shoes?? Well I went for a suede pair from Office for £55!! If they're a bit too high for what you're after then Office has plenty of nude heels without the platform!!!!!!!!!!!! So there you have it! Alesha Dixon's whole outfit for £110... Think how much she must have paid... Whoosh.


Office Out of town Nude suede